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We all have a love of our fisheries and a desire to preserve and protect them, not just for ourselves but for generations to come.

Please take a moment to read the information below.

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All the tournaments being able to run also means that the SaskSlam is on this year as well!

So get your gear sorted, your accommodations booked and get ready for an amazing season!

Qualifying Tournaments For Both

For anyone who has a free entry you must still register
to secure your place in the corresponding tournament.

(Choose Free Entry in the payment options area, then fill in how you won a free entry)

May 22 - 23, 2021

LOCATION:  Mainprize Regional Park, SK
ENTRY FEE:  $500 per team
CONTACT:  James Turner - (306) 737-5466

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September 4 - 5, 2021

LOCATION:  Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
ENTRY FEE:  $500 per team
CONTACT: James Turner - (306) 737-5466

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September 18, 2021

LOCATION:  Madge Lake, SK
ENTRY FEE:  $300 per team
CONTACT: James Turner - (306) 737-5466

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June 19, 2021

The BBC is truly an extraordinary event.  This year, what began
as a “club event” for the Estevan Wildlife Federation will now field
more dedicated anglers from across Western Canada and the upper United States than at any other time in its history!

As cool as that is, bringing anglers and their families to Estevan
and surrounding area during the tournament and outside of it;
the BBC is more than that.  When you launch in the morning, you
will spend the day fishing for Largemouth Bass in Boundary Dam
Reservoir in Woodlawn Regional Park.  When you return to
weigh-in, most if not all of you will have a full basket of these
exceptional fish.  How is that possible?  There are some very good
reasons why you have to drive roughly seven hours in any given
direction to wet a line for these magnificent creatures.  Largemouth bass, whether originally from Florida or Texas, just aren’t a fan of the climate here!  

When you have a moment, please consider reaching out to the good folks at SaskPower and thank them for the ecosystem they’ve created that supports this incredible fishery.  They really need to hear from you, the anglers, how important these fish are to you, and to this area.

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Returning in 2022.....

Smoke On The Water has brought the communities that surround Madge Lake and Duck Mountain Provincial Park together as one to enjoy a feast of great food and fantastic entertainment.

All proceeds from the Madge Lake SOTW are donated to support local charities.

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Coming in 2022.....

What is KCBS?

KCBS sanctions BBQ and Grilling competitions across the U.S.. and promotes barbeque as America's cuisine. In addition, KCBS has an extensive Certified Barbeque Judging program.  It is the largest society of barbeque enthusiasts in the world.

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